Incentive Negotiation Services
– Government Financial Incentives, Location Incentives
– Tax Abatements, Tax Exemptions, Tax Credits
– Training Grants
– Governmental Representation Strategies
– State and Local tax Issues, Real Estate Abatements
– Utility Service Negotiations, Energy Assistance, industrial and commercial sectors
– Capital Investment and Operating Cost Reduction Strategies
– Identification of Potential Risks Associated with Relocation or Expansion
– State Enterprise Zones
Financial Services
– Capital Access
– Industrial Revenue Bonds
– Guaranteed Loans
– Mezzanine Financing & Gap loans
– Revolving Loan Funds
– Community Development Corporations, CD Financial Institutions & CD Entities
– Entrepreneurial Investments for expansions, relocations, start-ups, etc.
– Negotiations with banks, investment banking firms, venture capital firms
– Tax Increment Financing districts
– Empowerment Zones
– Local Government Services for Infrastructure grants, loans and bond financing,
Government Access Services
– Developing and implementing political strategies
– Assisting companies achieve their government affairs objectives
– Government financial incentives, public financing
Site Location Services
– Corporate Location and Relocation Services
– Land Acquisitions, for Relocation, New Market or Expansion
– Identification, evaluation, and marketing of real estate
– Confidential Asset Acquisition Services

Workforce Training Services
– Employer Assessment Training
– Establishing and cultivating employer relationships
– Incorporating Unique Services
– Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction Training
– Business Services Team Training
– Employer Relationship Training
– Community Audits
– Regional Strategic Planning
– One Stop Implementation
– Specialized Assessment Technical Assistance
– Labor Market Research Services
– Effective business plans
– Developing Policies, Procedures, Manuals for Implementation of Services