Equistar is a Houston-based manufacturer of petrochemicals and polymers. In the chemical segment Equistar is the largest North American producer of butadiene, the second largest North American producer of ethylene and propylene, the largest U.S. producer of diethyl ether and industrial ethyl alcohol, and also a major U.S. producer of ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol. In addition, Equistar manufactures specialty chemicals such as benzene, TDI toluene, DCPD, and piperylenes. Equistar’s polymer products include polyolefin resins, polyethylene, wire and cable resins and compounds, and tie-layer resins. In addition, Equistar maintains 1,400 miles of pipelines in Texas and Louisiana to serve both Equistar and Lyondell facilities, transporting a variety of chemicals as well as natural gas, diesel, butane, and propane. Altogether, Equistar maintains 16 manufacturing facilities, located along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, the midwestern states of Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio, plus a facility in Newark, New Jersey.